Is there a roadmap of new methods for the API Winbiz Coud ?

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Published developments

Date Method Descrption
11.2017 ChartOfAccounts New method that allows to retrieve the whole chart of accounts. The Balances can be refreshed before retrieving the chart.
12.2017 Folders New method that allows to retrieve the whole list of the folders and of the fiscal years available for a given user.
01.2018 Addresses New method that allows to retrieve the whole list of the Addresses, or the Addresses modified since a given date.
01.2018 AdCptMod New method that allows to retrieve the booking method used in an Address as creditor booking method.
01.2018 CptMod New method that allows to retrieve the complete list of the booking methods, or the booking methods used in the creditor Addresses only.
02.2018 DocumentImport The use of the field 60 is completed with an additional possibility (the "b" one) that allows an easier integration with third party software.
02.2018 ChartOfAccounts The budget information has been added to the results returned by the ChartOfAccounts method.
02.2018 DocumentImport file for documents The behavior of field 60 is now more flexible. The new feature doesn't break the compatibility with the previous versions.


was scheduled for 04.2018




New methods to retrieve:

- debtor and creditor delayed payments

- debtor and creditor delayed payments by delay

- debtor and creditor delayed payments by address

The first method allow to return a summary with the total amount for the debtor and creditor payments that have passed the due date.

The second and third methods allow to return more details about all the delayed payments for a given number of days of delay or for a given address.



Returns an Address in a short form


Next developments

Date Descrption


New parameters customersalesitemqty and supplierpurchaseitemqty for the method AdInfo. The parameters work like the customersalesitem  and supplierpurchaseitem but they retrieve the quantities sold or purchased instead of the amount. The parameter vStock is effective with both the new parameters.

was previously scheduled for 03.2018

04.2018 Modification of the Folders method. It will return the address of the folders, and it will give the possibility to pass a parameter to obtain only the information that concern one given folder.


for the Hackathon

Some partners asked us to integrate he documentation with the Json Schemas of the objects returned by the API. We are working on it.


for the Hackathon

A set of methods to PendingPayments will allow to retrieve the forecast payment situation. The methods will return the amounts to be paid or received at given terms (in the next 7, 30, 601 or more days, as an example). The terms will have to be specified with a parameter.


for the Hackathon

New method that allows to retrieve the whole list of the Items, or the Items modified since a given date.


for the Hackathon

New method to retrieve the monthly credit and debit balance of each account.

The method CPInfo can be used alternatively for the moment, even if it's not the perfect solution.

was previously scheduled for the 03.2018

06.2018 - 07.2018

date to be confirmed

New methods that allow to call the methods available for e-commerce interfaces. The list of the methods is available here


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