Display a field for a customizable object

An object can be attached to a document. A popular object is the Simple customizable object that offers the possibility to customize a generic form according to the needs of the user.


It is possible to display data coming from this object once the label assigned to each needed customized field is known to the developer.


customFieldGetValueByName('doc_obj', <nObjectID>, <cFieldLabel>)





Can be the Object ID or a foreign key of this field.


Text entered by the user as a label for the field that has to be displayed on the report.


*/ Display the Value entered in the customized field 'Label entered for first field' for the object whose Object ID is 2.

customFieldGetValueByName('doc_obj', 2, 'Label entered for first field')

*/ If the document table is open, the chosen object is the one with the ID specified in do_ref2 (and in the Header of the document).

customFieldGetValueByName('doc_obj', do_ref2, 'Label entered for first field')

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